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Sometimes people think competition is only about winning and losing. But when we compete in a positive way, it doesn’t just help us in specific areas—it brings a lot of good things to our whole life. Drawing from my experiences as a pro athlete in events like the 800m and steeplechase, this blog post explores how healthy competition goes beyond success in sports and brings broader benefits to our lives.

Feeling Happier and Less Stressed:

Competing in a positive way is like a game that helps us feel less stressed. It’s a good way to set goals, which can make us happier and more positive in different parts of our lives.

As a pro athlete, competing against others pushed me to do my best in races like the 800m and steeplechase. Having strong opponents motivated me to set higher goals and achieve my personal best.


Getting Better at Fixing Problems:

Competition often brings unexpected challenges. Figuring out how to handle these challenges helps us get better at solving problems, not just in sports but also in our daily lives.

Learning to Manage Time and Be Responsible:

Being in healthy competition means planning and preparing well. This teaches us to manage our time better and be responsible, which are skills we can use in school, work, and other parts of life.

Knowing Ourselves Better:

Competition shows us what we’re good at and where we need to improve. This helps us get to know ourselves better and keeps us growing, both in the things we love and in our personal lives.

Healthy competition with other great athletes taught me different ways to train and race better. This exchange of skills made me a better athlete and improved my approach to the sport.

Being Kind and Understanding:

Healthy competition teaches us to respect others and understand their efforts. This respect is something we can carry with us in how we treat people in our daily lives.

Handling Changes Better:

Competing helps us get used to changes quickly. This is a useful skill in life because things are always changing, and it helps us adapt and stay strong. Pro sports are tough, and facing strong competition made me resilient and adaptable. Dealing with challenges and adapting to different race situations not only improved my sports skills but also made me mentally tough.

Making Friends That Last:

When we compete in a friendly way, we often make friends that stick around. These friendships can be a big support in different parts of our lives.

Competing in professional sports allowed me to meet other athletes, coaches, and sports professionals. These connections went beyond competition, leading to friendships, collaborations, and shared knowledge.

Feeling More Sure of Ourselves:

Doing well in healthy competition makes us feel more sure of ourselves. It’s not just about winning—it’s about knowing we can face challenges, solve problems, and reach our goals in different areas of life. Being a pro athlete taught me important values. Being disciplined, staying determined through injuries, and always doing the right thing, even when it’s hard, helped build my character on and off the track.


Friendly competition brings good things not just in sports but in our whole lives. It helps us feel happier, be better at solving problems, manage our time, and adapt to changes. It also teaches us to be kind, make lasting friendships, and feel more sure of ourselves. Embracing friendly competition is like a secret to having a happier and more fulfilling life.

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